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Mamografický Screening v Ostravě


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women and its occurrence rises every year. It is the most frequent cause of women’s death in the age category of 20-55. The most effective way to fight this malign disease is prevention as a small tumor found in time can be successfully treated.

Mammographic Screening

Mammography screening involves breast examination by a special x-ray device which is able to detect a malignancy before a woman has physical symptoms, at a time when she is unaware of her disease. The examination is carried out by specially trained radiology assistants and the x-ray pictures are evaluated by a physician – a mammodiagnostician.

 A modern mammograph DIAMOD MGX 2000 equipped with digital stereotaxis was installed in our center in early 2007.

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Who is the examination for?

  1. Screening mammography covered by health insurance
    • women aged 45-69 without any symptoms
    • at two-year intervals
    • with a request form from a G.P. or gynecologist
  2. Screening mammography paid for by a client – women who do not meet the above criteria
    • from the age of 40, no more often than once a year
    • can be done without a request form

A preventive breast sonography can be performed with symptom-free women, at the expense of the client.

Surgery hours

Mo - Tu: 7 AM - 7 PM
We - Fr: 7 AM - 3.30 PM
Sa: 7 AM - 1 PM

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